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e-trex GPS Unit


Simple instructions for use:

To start,
press and hold on/off button.

The unit will begin to
display the signal strength.


When full strength is reached,
press page button to show this screen.

Walk to your first position
for soil sampling.


Press and hold enter button
until 'OK' shows.

(This numbered reading is stored
for later retrieval [under WAYPOINTS],
or you can note the details down as you go.)

You now have your first waypoint.

Press enter button to save.

Walk to your next position for soil sampling
and repeat the process, recording as
many waypoints as required.


To record or review waypoints
from your e-trex unit:

Press page button repeatedly until
the MENU screen appears.

(using up/down buttons)
and press enter.


Select waypoint section
(0-9, A-D etc) and press enter.

Select waypoint number
and press enter.

/edit/images/WAYPOINTS.GIF /edit/images/WAYPOINT1.GIF

Press enter again
and GPS details will show.


just rest GPS unit on wheel
of soil sampler . . .

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