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CARBON_FARM_PP_72_X_72.PNGPaddock Plotter . . the Carbon Farm App

To make it easy for Farmers using the 'pH Farming Soil System' we have created a smartphone App that helps you plot your paddock boundaries and then plot the exact GPS of the soil samples you take.

The App is free from the Google Android PlayStore or the Apple iTumes/AppStore . . Just search for Carbonfarm.

The CarbonFARM Paddock Plotter is part of the Carbon Farm (pH Farming Australia) system which results in the most profitable, efficient and scientifically accepted process for measuring carbon from the view points of both the agriculture and mining industries alike.

This measurement process is known as the pH Farming Soil System, the first program in the world to measure LABILE Pool Carbon, INERT Pool Carbon, SLOW Pool Carbon and SEQUESTERED Carbon with Government endorsed NATA via a accredited laboratory.

CarbonFARM provides nutrient recommendations, carbon measuring and certificates. CarbonFARM can help you greatly increase your farm's soil fertility and crop profitability.

Crop profitability can only ever be achieved by increasing soil fertility. Bacterial nitrogen is essential for plant growth but chemical nitrogen is without doubt the most destructive of all fertilizers, causing damage such as soil compaction, which produces an anaerobic state (no oxygen) and changes humus producing soil into fermentation pits or soils producing nitrous oxide.

The CarbonFARM Paddock Plotter application allows farmers plot the position and area. The application also records the position of soil samples used in the pH Farming Soil System.


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