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Carbon Farm’s summary of Global Warming

There are six greenhouse gases selected as emission pollutants

  • HFC – Hydrofluorocarbons
  • PFC – Perfluorocarbons
  • SF6 – Sulphur Hexafluoride
  • CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
  • CH4 – Methane
  • N2O – Nitrous Oxide

The largest manageable Carbon Sink on earth is our Agricultural Soils. Potentially our largest emission polluter on earth is our Agricultural soils.

Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) is only a encourager to trade emissions for money or carbon. Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) should be called Carbon Dioxide Pollution Reduction Scheme, as this is the only greenhouse gas capable of been sequestered from the atmosphere as carbon in the soil.

The two soil conditions that exist on our farms today. .

Fermentation . .

is an anaerobic state (without oxygen) made toxic by non cycling carbon Dioxide(Plant,soil,atmosphere). Nitrous Oxide becomes the polluting gas, leaving Inert pool of Carbon as the only Carbon source in a degrading form. (Reduced water holding capacity).

0 Tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere
0 Tonnes of Humus
0 Tonnes of Sequestered Carbon
1.5% - 2% Organic Matter
Holding 1.5 inches of Water or 37 mm
Reduced Soil Fertility
Reduced Water Holding Capacity
Reduced True Soil Fertility
Fermentation’s impact on Global Warming is 300 times greater than the Humification process.

Humification . .

is an aerobic state (with oxygen)as nature intended. This soil converts Labile pool of carbon into Humus as part of the Slow pool, this pool includes the sequestered carbon. Inert pool of carbon is also available.

3.67 Tonnes of CO2 removed from atmosphere
1.73 Tonnes of Humus
1 Tonne of increased Sequestered Carbon
4% - 5% Organic Matter
Holding 6” of water capacity or 150 mm
Increased Soil Fertility
Increased Water Holding Capacity

Carbon Pool size and changes due to human activities

Carbon pool size


610 Gt*


750 Gt


1,580 Gt


39,000 Gt

Carbon changes due to human activities

Fossil fuel use

+ 5.5 Gt/Year

Land use

+ 1.6 Gt/Year

Rate of carbon increase in the atmosphere

+ 3.3 Gt/Year

Source: "The Carbon cycle, climate and the long-term effects of fossil fuel burning" J.F. Kastings, Consequences Vol 4, No 1, 1998
*Gt = Gigatonne, which is 1000 million metric tonnes

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