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Carbon farming breakthrough

Courtesy Parks Champion Post 6th July 2016

Carbon Farm's Philip Uebergang with farmers David and Roger Bolte, Mayor Ken Keith and local agronomist Peter Yelland.

Carbon Farm Program could provide farmers with the best opportunity they have had for decades

Indeed, it is being hailed the biggest windfall to ever benefit farmers and could ultimately earn them millions of dollars a year.

The Carbon Farm App was launched here in Parkes.

This development will allow Carbon Farm global access, whilst offering the Parkes community the ability to grow Cereals and Canola in a carbon friendly way – producing $13 million a year, year in year out, with $8 billion potential earnings nationally in agriculture,” said Philip Uebergang, the man behind the system.

Mr Uebergang was in Parkes to discuss the latest developments with Mayor Ken Keith and other locals, including Mr David Bolte and Mr Roger Bolte.

“The Bolte Family represent three generations of farmers who farm with a pioneering spirit, committed to industry leadership and are the perfect example of succession planning with carbon, hence launching our Carbon Farm App today,” Mr Uebergang said.

“This is the first Australian ETS (Emissions Trading System for agriculture), and in our case, farmers trading carbon credits for aviation offsets.

“The absolute importance of our farmers in agriculture is undeniable. Farmers around the world can resolve the problem of Global Warming or Ozone Depletion, through agriculture.

“Therefore, they must be paid per hectare for their role in reducing Greenhouse Gases.

“Carbon Farm’s continuous research over the past five years has proven to increase crop profitability, increase soil fertility and provide farm succession planning through carbon credit sales, in addition to increased crop profitability already being produced by farmers, on the Carbon Farm Program.

“Carbon Farm’s unique success has always been attributed to its initial selection of a Greenhouse Gas to target, that being Nitrous Oxide.

“Nitrous Oxide delivers the highest level of Carbon Dioxide-e avoidance, necessary to avoid contamination - hence Global Warming Reduction, whilst conjointly restructuring the Ozone Layer.”

Mr Uebergang, a farmer, said he had been working on his concept for over thirty years.

“My job on earth is to do this, I am so passionate about it,” he said.

“It provides farmers with the best opportunity they have had for decades.”

In technical terms, Carbon Farm’s Methodology is 100% Nitrous Oxide avoidance in terms of Greenhouse Gases.

And it is 100% Ozone Layer restructuring, as agriculture contributes globally to 74% of Ozone Layer Depletion.

The outstanding soil and crop products revitalises soil life and particularly restarts the natural mineralization process.

This methodology has achieved the highest soil fertility increases per season, unequalled crop profitability with Cereals and Dairying, and allows for Succession Planning through Carbon Offsets.

Mr Uebergang pointed out, that during a recent trip to California (USA) it became very clear that Carbon Farm’s Offsets are superior in quality to other offsets.

“Due to this fact alone, Carbon Farm will trade its own Carbon Credits for Farmers globally. No methodology globally can approach Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion as efficiently as Carbon Farm’s System, if at all,” he said.

The Bolte Family have been utilising the Carbon Farm concept for five years, increasing their farming size from 8,000 to 12,500 acres.

“This concept has changed our world,” Roger Bolte said.

“We are stronger financially and the physical aspects of our farm have also improved. This system certainly has increased our financial viability and there are many other benefits as well. We are extremely happy with the way it has worked out and encourage others to try it as well.”

“We use no Nitrogen Nitrates in our crops, and the structure of the soil is improving all the time.

“When we started, our neighbours said it would fail; now we out-yield them all.”

“There will come a time, very soon, where farmers will be taxed for their emissions. This rewards farmers instead.”

David Bolte said, “It meant that farmers on the program were not polluting the environment, rather enhancing it.”

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