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Australian First:- Farmer Philip Uebergang provides answers the Global Warming question.

To take the decision 35 years ago to become a student posthumously of the emeritus professor of soils at the University of Missouri, William A. Albrecht, and now more recently to complete the development of a website to facilitate practical agronomic advice for farmers so that increasing Profits through soil fertility improvements (humification), to benefit Agriculture, and there by preparing the way for the production of Carbon Emissions Offsets to mitigate against Global Warming, whilst restoring farm lands back to life after decimation by the use of Nitrogen Nitrate Fertilizers.

Starting with the realization that Nitrous Oxide as a greenhouse gas needed to be reduced opposed to a conglomerate of Carbon Dioxide-e gases.

The Answer to the Global Warming Question is:-

  • Targeting 16 Million Hectares of Cereal and Canola Crops Dairy Pastures.
    (CarbonFARM's Nitrous Oxide Avoidance Methodology, & Ozone Layer Protection.)
  • Targeting 400 Million Hectares of Grazing Lands and Organic Lands.
    (CarbonFARM's Sequestered Carbon from Carbon Sinks.)
  • Targeting 2 Million Hectares of Biofuel (Carinata).
    (CarbonFARM's Nitrous Oxide Avoidance Methodology, & Ozone Layer Protection.)
  • This per year will deliver 2.2.Giga Tonnes of Carbon Emissions (from Australia)
    Using the Global CarbonFARM Methodologies the balance of the world could offset 3.3 Giga Tonnes per year ( USA, China, Russia and India)
    The all-up total of 5.5 Giga tonnes sufficient to reduce Global Warming to below 1.5c by 2030.

    Ensuring Farmers increase their profits by increasing their soil fertility, there by returning Agriculture Soils back to Carbon Sinks, and maintaining Pastoral Soils as Carbon Sinks.
    The Aviation Industry can trade directly with farmers (via the clean energy dept.) as they will do with Carinata production.

    An Absolute win win for the Aviation and Agriculture Industries, and the Global Environment.


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