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The Carbon Farm Process

Step 1: Contact Us


Step 2: Soil Sampling & GPS Readings (prior to planting)


Step 3: Post to 2 Malvern Grove, Manifold Heights VIC 3218


Step 4: Soil Reports delivered to "Client Area" on website


Step 5: Post-Harvest Soil Testing (repeat Step 2)

Step 6: Carbon Certificate and Differential Report between Pre-Plant and Post-Harvest Soil Changes



Reduction or prevention of Nitrous Oxide
[300 times global warming effect compared to Carbon-e]

Good Environmental Outcomes (/ha)

3.67 Tonnes of CO2 removed from atmosphere
1.73 Tonnes of Humus increase
1 Tonne of increased Sequestered Carbon
4% - 5% Organic Matter
Holding 6" of water capacity or 150 mm
Increased Soil Fertility
Increased Water Holding Capacity




Dr. William A. Albrecht

Science behind Carbon Farm is endorsed by the Australian Government

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