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pH Farming Program

The ”pH” in pH Farming stands for – Profit / Humus, this combination is accepted by farmers as essential farming process – taking care of farm profits, while improving the most important farm asset, the soil.

The pH Farming Program was designed by Philip Uebergang on behalf of pH Farming Australia Pty Ltd for the benefit of farmers, working on the premise that yields may increase by increasing inputs, however improving profit potential can only be achieved by  increasing  soil fertility and soil health.(this is now well proven).

The pH Farming Program is a three stage process:-

  • Firstly – pH Farming Soil System – is a computerized program that arranges soil test results from creditable base saturation soil tests so that the results can be easily read and classified allowing farmers to grade their paddocks according to fertility. It also presents (A) nutrient surplus & deficit as kgs/ha. (B) Evaluates soil nutrient, soil health and soil activity via the paddock rating system. (C) The program sets exact desired levels calculated from the C.E.C. figures, not by crop requirement.
    This test allows farmers to identify paddocks for crop selection, for input costing and for yield prediction. In a word this program becomes the farmers own research system.
  • pH Farming Protein - as a protein can be applied to both soil and crop alike, the major affect is that it can increase soil carbon by feeding soil organisms and hence increase their populations, this process also makes nutrient more available as well as increasing water holding capacity. 0.9 meq/100g of soil increase over a six month period on a soil measuring 5 meq/100g of soil will hold an additional 37mm (rain) or 0.3 of a megalitre of water/ha. We cannot control the amount of water that falls on a paddock, but we can control the most important factor, what is stored. This system increases Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.) which directly increases infiltration rate and water holding capacity.
  • pH Farming Carbon - is a carbon product that’s used on low C.E.C. (Cation Exchange Capacity) soils or soils low in soil activity. Birchip Cropping Group conducted a demonstration trial (non replicated) in the 2006 season under extremely dry conditions at Hopetoun pH Farming Carbon produced 1.116 t/ha and the control produced 0.966 t/ha. B.C.G.’s policy is not to attribute a percentage difference on demonstration trials, and a product recommendation would not be based on these results. However pH Farming Aust. have calculated an increase of 15.52% as an indicator of difference in yield.  Because carbon is essential in gaining yield potential we use the pH Farming Program products to jointly create short and long term results, e.g. Proteins builds soil carbon reserves through the chelating process, while pH Farming Carbon as a foliar product supplies carbon. This combination gives us same season profitability and humus production.

Note:- It is the policy of the Birchip Cropping Group not to attribute percentage difference, or recommend products on demonstration trials. The pH Farming Carbon trial was a demonstration trial.

This web site was established in memory of the late C.J. Fenzau, his book and advice has lead us to the new agricultural era of farming without pollution.

And in memory of the late Lloyd Richardson who's personal support to me over the past fifteen years was greatly appreciated. These developments could not have been achieved without Llyod's constant help.

Philip Uebergang

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