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Barley - (Near Maryborough Vic. yielded 4.7 Tonnes/ha) /edit/photo_gallery/picture_023_tn.jpg /edit/photo_gallery/img_0406_tn.jpg /edit/photo_gallery/img_0468_tn.jpg /edit/photo_gallery/img_0460_tn.jpg /edit/photo_gallery/img_0416_tn.jpg /edit/images_hr/crop_1_tn.jpg /edit/photo_gallery/img_0458_tn.jpg Lucerne (in good health) Lucerne growing near Ballarat Vic Oats - (baled, 11.4 Tonnes/ha, note residue left) Oats - (Oats growing just prior to baling. Person in photo is 6'2 Oats - (Oats height comparrison with bike) Rye grass - (The lucerne and Rye grass was grown by the same farmer Wheat - (GS-30,2009) Wheat - (GS-92,2009) Wheat (heads from the 4.95Tonnes/ha crop). Note grain size and head length. Wheat (Lismore Vic.2009, 4.95 Tonnes/ha) Wheat difference same variety same planting date, yet the left side sample matured at least two weeks early
       (stressed by applied Nitrogen in nitrate form)
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